Turnaround - 2-6 WEEKS EXCL. DELIVERY / We accept Klarna & Clearpay


We all have a favourite item of clothing we'll probably never wear again or something which holds great sentimental value tucked away at the back of your wardrobe. Give it a new lease of life!  

We offer an upcycling service to turn your items into something new such as a pair of leggings, romper, bib, headband or a combination of any of these. Or if you'd like to co-ordinate your outfit with your child, we won't judge. 

Of course it all depends on the size (most importantly!), quality and age of your items. Each piece will need to be discussed and considered so please get in touch and we'll take it from there.  

To give you an idea, the below image was an old t-shirt about to be consigned to the local clothes bank. Now look at it, in all its rompery glory... 

Pokemon Romper

Guns 'n' Roses Romper

Hearts FC

Beautiful Days Festival 2005

The Legend of Zelda (Link)

Might Ducks Shortie Romper

Sonic Shortie Romper

Harry Potter Rompers

Goonies Romper

Motorhead T-Shirt

Batman Romper

Slipknot T-Shirt

Festival Romper